Troop 23 2015 – 2016 Calendar



Huge Event, entrie troop is going. On October 2, 2015 we are bringing together 5,000 Scouts and Scouters to enjoy high adventure, sporting, outdoor skills, backwoods engineering, and STEM activities, all in view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. The jamboree program includes hands-on activities and demonstrations by skill trade groups, high-tech manufacturers, branches of the military, communications companies, and educational and research institutions.

Oct 5th – 7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting             Theme: Camping & Hiking

Oct 12th – Columbus Day Weekend  NO MEETING  Schoo; Closed

Oct 16 – 17  -Camping  Camp Pouch   Optional Fall Camp-O-Ree

This camp-o-ree is primarily an activity to enhance your troop’s knowledge and abilities in wilderness survival techniques. It is also a chance for your some your older scouts and scouters to learn more advanced skills in knot tying, first aid, and orienteering. It is important to note that we will not be giving out the wilderness survival merit badge at this event. Though many of these events might follow or complete requirements found in the badge

Oct 19th –  7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Camping & Hiking

Oct 23 -25th – OA ORDEAL  CAMP POUCH

Oct 26th – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Camping & Hiking


Nov 2nd – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting   Theme: Cooking

Nov 6th – 8th – Camping   Schiff Scout Reservation

This event will be teaching Webelows scouts, scout skills, bringing new scouts up to speed on what it’s like to be in the Boy Scouts.

Nov 9th  – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Cooking/Breakfast/Dinner/Lunch

Nov 11th – Veteran’s Day Parade

Nov 16th – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Cooking/Breakfast/Dinner/Lunch

Nov 21st  – 7am – 4pm   OA ACTIVITY   CAMP ALPINE   INDIAN SEMINAR/Trade-O-Ree

Nov23rd  –  7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Cooking/Types of Fuel

Nov 30th – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Theme: Cooking/Banquet


Dec 5th  – Merit Badge Rally     Atlantic Ave. Library  Library Merit Badge Fair

Dec 5th –  5pm – 7pm  Troop Fundraiser    Tree Lighting     Wreath Sales

Dec 6th – 8:30am – 1:30pm   Troop Fundraiser    Front Of OLA Church   Wreath Sales

Dec 7th  –   7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting   Scoutmaster Conference   Theme: First Aid

Dec 12th –  9am – 3pm   Merit Badge Rally       Cafeteria – OLA      Brooklyn Merit Badge Rally

Dec 12th – 4:30pm – 6:30pm   Troop Fundraiser Front Of OLA Church(5pm Mass) Wreath Sales

Dec 13th – 8:30am – 1:30pm     Troop Fundraiser Front Of OLA Church Wreath Sales

Dec 14th –  7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Board Of Review/ First Aid for Rank Advancement

Dec 19th – 8am – 4pm   Stirling Mine Museum    Day Trip

Dec 21st -7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting  Parent’s Night/ Troop Christmas Party


Jan 4th -7:30 – 9PM   Troop Meeting Scoutmaster Conference Theme: Communications MB Pt 1

Jan 9th – 8:30am – 2 pm   BMCC     Training Extravaganza

Jan 11th – 7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting Scoutmaster Conference Theme: Communications MB Pt 2

Jan 16th – 17th    Older Scout Camping Trip – First Class & above     Ski Trip

Jan 18th       NO MEETING  School Closed

Jan 25th      7:30 – 9PM Troop Meeting      Theme: Family Life

Jan 22nd – 24th  Camping          Camp Alpine    Cook-O-Ree


Feb 1st -  7:30 – 9PM         Troop Meeting             Theme:Citizenship Pt 1

Feb 6th – Klondike Derby

Feb 8th    7:30 – 9PM        Troop Meeting              Theme:Citizenship Pt 2

Feb 13th – 17th                     Camping         Winter Camp           Fun Trip

Feb 22nd –     7:30 – 9PM   Troop Meeting        Theme: Personal Management Pt 1

Feb 27th – 8:30am -3pm    Merit Badge Rally      OLA Cafeteria    Brooklyn Spring Merit Badge Rally

Feb 29th –     7:30 – 9PM      Troop Meeting        Theme: Personal Management Pt 2


March 3rd -  7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting        Theme: Personal Management Pt 3

March 1th – 13th  Camping   TBD by Scouts

March 14th – 7:30 – 9PM    Troop Meeting          Theme: Family Life

March 20th – 8:30am – 1:30pm  Fundraiser    Front Of OLA Church    Easter Flower Fundraiser

March 21st – 7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting     SUMMER CAMP DEPOSITS DUE   Theme: Personal                          Management Pt 3

March 27th  - 8:30am – 1:30pm   Fundraiser     Front Of OLA Church     Easter Flower Fundraiser

March 28th –   NO MEETING     School Closed

March 31st – April 2nd   Camping   Troop Historical Trip      Saratoga


April 4th –   7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting      Theme: Emergency Preparedness Pt 1

April 11th –  7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting      Theme: Emergency Preparedness Pt 2

April 18th –  7:30 – 9PM     Troop Meeting      Theme: Emergency Preparedness Pt 3

April 25th –  7:30 – 9PM      Troop Meeting      Theme: Hiking MB

April 29th – May 1st    Camping          Ten Mile River       Shooting Sports Weekend


May 2nd –   7:30 – 9PM      Troop Meeting

May 7th – 9am – 3pm    Merit Badge Rally      OLA Cafeteria      Spring Merit BadgeRally

May 8th – 9am – 1pm       Mother’s Day Fundraiser      Flower Fundraiser

May 9th –  7:30 – 9PM      Troop Meeting             Theme: Nature/Forestry/Outdoors

May 13th – 15th    OA Ordeal        Ten Mile River          Spring Order Of The Arrow Ordeal

May 16th –   7:30 – 9PM    Troop Meeting             Theme: Climbing/Knots

May 20th – 22nd – Camping      Adventure Park   Long Island

May 23rd –  7:30 – 9PM       Troop Meeting       Scoutmaster Conference/Theme: Citizenship

May 30th – 10:30am – 1pm    Service Proj.   87th St. & 3rd Ave       Memorial Day Parade


June 3rd – 5th – Camping    Pocono Race Track      Nascar Scout Weekend

Pocono Raceway hosts an annual Scout Day on the Saturday of the June Race Weekend. We welcome all Scouts, Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts to join us for this great event.

You will receive a Saturday ticket, Souvenir Program, Souvenir Die-Cast and one-of-a-kind Scout Day commemorative patch.

June 6th -   7:30 – 9PM         Troop Meeting      Board Of Review/Theme: Personal Fitness

June 10th -12th –   Camping        Alpine Scout Camp         “Gold Rush” Camporee

June 13th -   7:30 – 9PM       Troop Meeting     Pizza Party/Camping info for Summer Camp

June 20th –  7:30 – 9PM        Troop Meeting      Parent’s Night/Court Of Honor


July 17th -23rd    –   Summer Camp       Ten Mile River    Camp Aquehonga


Aug 21st – 27th –   GNYC HIGH ADVENTURE SEA BASE in Florida

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