Annual Christmas Wreath Fund Raiser


November 16, 2009

Dear Parents,

YES! It is that time again and I know how exited you are to participate in this year’s annual fundraising efforts’.

As explained by Mr. Kramer at the last parent’s night, the funds from this year’s fundraising events will be used to help send the boys to the 100 year jamboree events to take place in the summer.

The Christmas Wreath fundraiser event is the most profitable and involved event we have. It is important for the success of this event that we have full cooperation from the boys as well as the parents.

You will find a number of attachments to this letter which are explained below.

  1. OLA BSA Troop23 Selling Sheet, This sheet is to be used for placing your child’s order. We are asking that each Scout make an effort to sell a minimum of 10 wreaths, on their own.  Every wreath sold in advance is one less we will need to sell on the street so these sales are preferred and beneficial to all. The order sheet and payment should be returned to Mr. Kramer at the scout meeting on November 30, 2009.
  2. Sales Schedule /Calendar, Scouts are expected to contribute in the fundraising efforts’. Each scout will need to contribute 15 hours towards the sale of the wreaths. Parents are also needed to volunteer.  Use the attached schedule to indicate the time slots that work best for you and your son’s schedule.  Although every effort will be made to accommodate the times you have chosen we may need to make changes as needed to have ample coverage. December 5th and 6th is the Christmas village and usually our best sales day. We will have two 5 hour slots for 6 boys each slot for these days. Sunday, December 13 and Sunday, December 19 will be one 5 hour slot for 6 boys each day.  We will need coverage on Saturdays, December 12 &18 for 1 hour slots for 2 boys each day.  Funds awarded to your child will be based on participation and attendance. Return to Mr. Kramer at the scout meeting on November 23, 2009.
  3. Poster, I have included a few posters in hopes that you might ask the local businesses (grocery, gym, barber) you frequent to display them in their window. Getting the word out will help us move the merchandise as quickly as possible.

Please return all by requested dates!

Thank You,

John Fox

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