One of the extra activities at the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) were the exchanging of “Power Tags”.

Each participant and staff member recieved a sheet of 15 “Power Tags”. There were five different colors of tags that corresponded to the four regions and another for staff members. Each tag held a unique code that corresponded to the individual they were issued to. Each participant was to exchange tags with other participants and have at least a 10 minute chat with them about the meaning of the theme “The Power of One.”

Now that NOAC is over, participants need to log onto and enter the ID codes listed on the tags that were collected at NOAC. Once you enter the code you will see the corresponding individual’s email address so you can contact and stay in touch with the folks you met at NOAC and conversed with. As an added bonus, if you echanged at least 10 Power Tags, you can select between a challenge coin and an arrowhead necklace.

Make sure you visit before September in order to recieve your gift and reconnect with the folks you met.

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