Sequoyah Council partnered with Fender’s Farm to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BSA with a 7 acre corn maze. The farm’s 2009 corn maze features a centennial emblem of the Boy Scouts of America at its center. The maze features about two miles of trails and 85 “decision points” at which walkers much decide which way to turn.

“The Sequoyah Council is pleased and very appreciative that Fender’s Farm and its sponsors have selected the Sequoyah Council, Boy Scouts of America, to help showcase the celebration of 100 years of the Boy Scouts of America with this wonderful corn maze,” said Sequoyah Council’s Scout Executive. “The design that has been laid out by Fender’s Farm and the events surrounding it are a spectacular way to help the Sequoyah Council kick off our year-long-plus celebration of the 100th anniversary of scouting.”

The farm opened up early for a special Boy Scout campout where Scouts were able to enjoy the maze, petting zoo, and other attractions. The maze will open to the public on Sept. 11 with a barbecue and live musical entertainment. The maze is scheduled to remain open to the public until Nov. 1.

Learn more about Fender’s Farm Corn Maze.

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