Boy Scouts rescue injured climber

Boy Scouts rescue injured climber
Oakland, Calif., woman, was in serious condition in a Redding hospital after being carried off of Mount Shasta late Monday

A 35-year-old woman is in serious condition at a Redding hospital after falling into a crevasse on Mount Shasta and wandering the peak for two days before a group of Boy Scout Explorers rescued her late Monday.

Olga Teslenko, of Oakland, Calif., was receiving treatment Tuesday for head and neck injuries at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

Teslenko told a Siskiyou County sheriff’s deputy that she went hiking alone Saturday and slipped on ice into a crevasse, said Susan Gravenkamp, a sheriff’s spokeswoman. Teslenko reportedly was unconscious for about 15 minutes, Gravenkamp said. She climbed out of the crevasse late Saturday afternoon and crawled Sunday and Monday in search of help, Gravenkamp said.

The temperatures at night were cold, probably in the 40s, Gravenkamp said.

Teslenko happened upon the group of 15 teenage Boy Scout Explorers at about 7:30 p.m. Monday and stood up, waving her arms to capture their attention, Gravenkamp said. They were at an elevation of about 6,400 feet.

She had nothing with her at the time, including no provisions, and no one had reported her missing, Gravenkamp said.

“The details are kind of sketchy because we weren’t able to talk to her,” Gravenkamp said.

One of the teenagers, Scott Mellinger, of Lusby, Md., called 9-1-1. Meanwhile, the group guided Teslenko toward the Clear Creek Trailhead. A sheriff’s deputy and search and rescue volunteer hiked up and met the group about 2.5 miles away from the trailhead to help escort her to a four-wheel-drive ambulance waiting near the trailhead. It took more than seven hours to arrive at the trailhead, in part because she had to stop and rest because of her injuries and dehydration and no stretcher was available, Gravenkamp said.

Teslenko was transported to Mount Shasta Mercy Medical Center for treatment.

She was transferred early Tuesday to Redding.

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