New positions added to Venturing leadership


Three new positions have been added to crew leadership opportunities in Venturing, the BSA program for young men and women age 14 through 20.

  • The crew quartermaster is responsible for keeping an inventory of and maintaining crew supplies and equipment in good working order, monitoring the return of equipment lent to crew members, and generating a list of the crew’s future equipment and supply needs.
  • The Venture crew guide serves as an in­dividual mentor for new Venturers, assisting in their understanding of the program and participation in crew activities.
  • The crew historian collects and preserves memorabilia, press releases, photos, and other data of historical significance to the crew, and maintains information about crew activities and members.

“It is fitting, as Venturing approaches its 10th birthday [in February 2008], that crews think about their future, preserving crew history [historian] and maintaining supplies [quartermaster] for upcoming members. Also, as membership in crews increases, the role of a guide, assisting with the transition into membership, is vital,” said Amy DiFrancesco, a former national Venturing president.

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