Camping Merit Badge


Scouts of Troop 23,

As Spring approaches, were going to spend more days camping, camping in tents, not Cabins. A large part of being a scout is enjoying the outdoors. But as Scouts, we must learn to be good campers, safe in our outdoor adventures, and good stewards of our environment. That’s is why the Camping MB is one of the required merit badges for Eagle.

Our scouts will get the opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the Camping MB on the “Shooting Sports Weekend” May 1st. At the “Trek-O-Ree” on June 5th thru 7th. and at “Summer Camp”. Some scouts can accompany the Webelow’s on their trips to fulfill the requirements too.

Enclosed in this email is the Camping MB worksheet, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Coleman & Mr. Hood are all past scoutmasters that still teach this Merit Badge. All scouts 2nd. Class and above are approved by me to work on the Camping MB. Good Luck, and Be Prepared.

Yours In Scouting,

Gene Hart – Scoutmaster.

Scout Master Troop 23

Camping MB 2015

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