Packing List for Gettysburg Trip


     We are asking all scouts and adults not to bring large backpacks. We would like everyone to bring a daypack (the type used for school books). In the backpack should be “The Hikers 10 Essentials” (a complete list is in the scout handbook) would like you to bring your clothes, towel and toiletries in a small duffle bag (like a gym bag), you should bring the following:

Wear your Scout Uniform; including hat, neckerchief and hiking boots, it will be in the 40’s-50’s so wear an appropriate jacket.

Bring the following:

3 pair underwear

 4 pair socks

 3 t-shirts

Extra pants






     Please leave Phones, ipods and any other electronics at home, we will be going through some security checkpoints and they will just slow everything down (it’s also against Troop policy to have them on a trip).


     If you have any questions please give me a call @ (718) 541-1108.




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