Troop 23 Camping Trip to USS Slater and Destroyer Historical Museum – June 11-12th, 2011


Place: Destroyer Escort Historical Museum – Albany, N.Y.

Date: Saturday, June 11 – Sunday , June 12th

Meet at OLA at 7:30 am -Saturday

We will return on Sunday about 5 pm

Cost: $25 & Scouts should bring a bag lunch.

Return your permission slip at the troop meeting by May 16th.

For more info contact Tom Kramer – Scoutmaster.


Overnight Camping  info:

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Your camping experience will begin 1700 (5:00 PM for you landlubbers). Your group will be meet in the parking lot on the pier. We will have a brief orientation for all campers and chaperones before going aboard. Departure is at 0930 the following morning.

PROGRAM: Your program follows a typical day in the life of a sailor. It will include Navy customs and traditions, such as retiring the colors. Chow will be served on the mess decks buffet style. Campers will take part in a fire drill and participate in ships work. Your stay will also include a tour of the ship, nautical activities and a “wind-down” movie at the end of the day.

MEALS: As stated above, meals are served buffet style and include dinner the first evening and a continental breakfast the following morning. Beverages will be provided with each meal. You may bring additional beverages for snack time, however glass bottles are prohibited. Campers can bring a prepackaged snack for the movie. No food or beverage may be stored with campers. All snacks will be collected upon arrival and stored until the movie. After movie and snack time, any remaining food will be stowed for the remainder of your stay.

ACCOMODATIONS: Campers will need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow. They will sleep in racks (bunks) aboard ship. These are the same berthing compartments used by the original SLATER crew. Separate sleeping quarters are available for coed groups. The berthing spaces are heated in the cooler months, but the ship is not a not air-conditioned.

PARENTAL AUTHORIZATION Campers are required to have a signed authorization form to participate in the program. Campers need to read and agree to comply with the safety regulations. A copy of these regulations will be sent to your group leader with your confirmation.

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