Space Shuttle Discovery set for final countdown

Discovery awaits her final countdown on launch pad at Kennedy Space Center

Photo: (photo: NASA)

NASA is preparing for the final voyage of the Space Shuttle Discovery, scheduled for an early morning launch on December 3, 2010.  As of Friday, November 19, the veteran orbiter is being prepped on-site at Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, according The mission, officially dubbed STS-133, will take spare parts to the International Space Station to continue deployment of the Express Logistics Carrier-4 payload project at the space station. The December voyage will be the 13th-time Discovery has docked with the International Space Station in its 26-year history.

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts of America claimed some highly coveted space on the payload of Discovery. In April, four Year of Celebration patches circled the globe on the STS-131 mission to the International Space Station. Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca explained why the BSA connection to the space program is relevant. “At the earliest opportunities in Scouting, we expose young people to space exploration and prepare them for future work in science and technology fields.”

This year, the Boy Scouts of America celebrate their centennial anniversary. The year-long aim is to use ambitious engagement programs, focusing on high-energy, ‘cool’, high profile events meant to propel the organization forward into the 21st century. Read the FULL STORY here, about the BSA’s connection to NASCAR, NASA and the Union Pacific railroad… planes, trains and automobiles.

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