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Troop Boston Trip

Place: Boston, Massachusettes  Date: April 17 – 19th, 2009 Cost: $35 for Scouts & $45 for adults We will  be staying in cabins at Sayre Scout Reservation Scouts must bring backpacks and they must bring a daypack as well, we will be doing hiking. Uniforms are required. They should bring extra warm clothes it ma […]

Troop Camping Trip – Camp Pouch

  Place: Camp Pouch, Staten Island Date: March 28-29, 2009 Cost: $7 & Scouts should bring a bag lunch We will  be staying in tents/Lean-to’s. Scouts will meet to buy their own food on a Patrol Basis For more info contact Tom Kramer – Scoutmaster. Remember to turn in your permission slip with your payment at

Photos from TMR Trip – February 2009

Photos from TMR Trip – January


Troop Camping Trip

Place: Ten Mile River Date: January 17- 19, 2009 Cost: $30 & Scouts should bring a bag lunch We will  be staying in cabins. For more info contact Tom Kramer – Scoutmaster. Remember to turn in your permission slip with your payment at

Chicken Stew And Dumplings With Video

Chicken Stew And Dumplings With Video via Trail Cooking & The Outdoors by Sarah on 12/15/08 This is a classic from the old blog. It is archived in the Trailcooking pages. Being that winter is nearly here, this one pot meal is perfect for cold evenings on the trail! To watch the video in HD […]

Ultra-heavy Backpacking Knives

In a search for an ever lighter backpacking knife, I ran across this beast: Weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs, and retailing for a princely $1400, this knife has every attachment ever conceived – a total of 87 blades and 141 functions! Some of my favorites include: Magnetized recessed bit holder, Chain rivet setter, […]

Teaching Scout about the COLD

Teaching Scout about the COLD from The Scoutmaster Minute by (Jerry) We are in the Cold Season and its time to dust off the snow shoes and pull out the poly pro underwear… get out there and go camping. There is nothing more exhilarating than challenging yourself in a harsh environment. Crisp clean vistas, […]

Repair Your Down Sleeping Bag

Repair Your Down Bag via – News, Opinion, Advice by admin on 12/9/08 Boys’ Life Gear Guy answers a question about what to do when your down bag you spent too much money for, but is worth every penny, develops a leak of feathers. Q: My dad gave me an old Marmot sleeping bag, […]

Best Layering Article Ever

Best Layering Article Ever via – News, opinion, advice by admin on 11/27/08 I’ve never seen a better written article about what layering is and how to do it than the one from Camping Blogger. I’m sending every Scout I know to the site to read it. Now you know which items to look […]