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Sharpening a pocketknife

Q. When and how should I sharpen my pocketknives? A. How often you sharpen your pocketknife depends mostly on how often you use it. Basically when the blade feels dull to the touch or if it starts to feel awkward cutting with your knife, it’s time to do a little sharpening. Click here to check […]

Inexpensive outdoor equipment

Inexpensive outdoor equipment Last weekend my dad took me to the local outdoors store, but we both couldn’t believe how expensive camping stuff is. Please help! Where can I get good outdoor equipment without paying huge prices? – Sticker-Shocked Steve, San Diego, Calif. Dear Sticker, we sympathize. Outdoor gear can indeed be really expensive. Luckily […]

How do you keep pots from your mess kit from turning black when using them over a fire?

A: Don’t cook over a fire! Just kidding — sort of. Actually, cooking over a camp stove is the best way to avoid blackened pots. Plus it’s more efficient and better for the environment. That said, we asked Mike Glavin of GSI Outdoors Inc., which makes some of the best camp pots, for tips on […]

Internal or external frame?

I need a new backpack. What’s better: Internal or external frame? Dear Confused, you must be a mind reader because thousands of other guys are wondering this same thing. Then again, if you really were a mind reader you wouldn’t need to ask me questions because you’d already know exactly what I was thinking, right? […]

Avoiding mosquito attacks

Q. I feel like a mosquito magnet. Seems like every time I go on outings with my troop, I’m the only one who gets bitten. What can I do? Help! – Badly Bitten Ben, Smyrna, Ga. A. Luckily there are some things you can do. First, wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt and a hat. […]

Hiking Tips

How to set a steady hiking pace By John Haviland Illustrations by Johnathan Carlson From the May 2001 Boys’ Life magazine Up one hill and down another: Before you know it, your pack weighs a ton and you’re panting like a dog. But a hike does not have to be this tiring. A steady pace […]