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New Troop Manual 2014

I finished today the Troop Manual, a reference for Scouts, Scouters Parents and folks who are helping our Troop grow. This is Version 1. It outlines what I think is the best practices for a Troop like ours. Please feel free to send any constructive criticism my way. While I think most of what is […]

Make a ‘hide rack’ display By C. R. Mason Illustrations by David Strand From the February 2000 issue of Boys’ Life magazine

If you’re like a lot of Scouts, you’ve collected plenty of patches over the years. Unfortunately, many get tossed into plastic bags or shoeboxes where only dust mites see them. Don’t let that happen to yours. Use a hide rack patch display. Based on Native American “hide racks” that cured fur pelts, this display lets […]

Good sleeping bag at a good price

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I am going cold-weather camping later this month, and I need a good new sleeping bag at a good price that I can use for a long time. It needs to be: Synthetic, at most 15 degrees, at most 4 pounds, and compact enough for backpacking. We are low on cash […]

Backpack buying guide

“Backpacking lets you get away from the city and go to places that are magical and special,” says Eagle Scout Jon Almquist, who works for national outdoors retailer REI. “Not everybody can see those places. In order to get there you have to pay your dues a little bit. But if you do it right, […]

Chicken Stew And Dumplings With Video

Chicken Stew And Dumplings With Video via Trail Cooking & The Outdoors by Sarah on 12/15/08 This is a classic from the old blog. It is archived in the Trailcooking pages. Being that winter is nearly here, this one pot meal is perfect for cold evenings on the trail! To watch the video in HD […]

So what’s with the Buffalo?

So what’s with the Buffalo? via The Scoutmaster Minute by (Jerry) on 12/13/08 A week or so ago, I was asked to participate in a “Trivia Contest”. This was a unique contest as it was to be part of a Scouting Podcast called The Leaders Campfire, hosted by Cubmaster Chris and his sidekick Scoutmaster […]

Repair Your Down Sleeping Bag

Repair Your Down Bag via – News, Opinion, Advice by admin on 12/9/08 Boys’ Life Gear Guy answers a question about what to do when your down bag you spent too much money for, but is worth every penny, develops a leak of feathers. Q: My dad gave me an old Marmot sleeping bag, […]

Best Layering Article Ever

Best Layering Article Ever via – News, opinion, advice by admin on 11/27/08 I’ve never seen a better written article about what layering is and how to do it than the one from Camping Blogger. I’m sending every Scout I know to the site to read it. Now you know which items to look […]

Knot Basics

Knot Basics via – News, opinion, advice by admin on 11/25/08 I have a few links on the side to knot sites, but I’m going to put them front and center today as you think about what to do over the Thanksgiving weekend (besides giving thanks and eating a lot of turkey). Alan Folsom’s […]

First-aid kit buying guide

First-aid kit buying guide By Mark Anders From the September 2008 Boys’ Life magazine You’re on an outing with your troop when a buddy slips off the trail and messes up his leg. Miles and at least a day’s hike from the nearest trailhead, what are you gonna do? Hopefully, you have the first-aid training […]